SPE Info Meeting – 9/30/14

Chesapeake Energy – DFIT Explanation

Company: Chesapeake Energy

Speaker/Representative: Julian Carillo – Completions Manager
Company BG: 2nd largest producer of Natural Gas in country, $17.5 billion revenue (2013), 5300 employees (2013)
Meeting Overview: Technical Presentation on DFIT’s in Completions Designs

Use of Diagnostic Fracture injection tests in completions design

DFIT – help with calibration of rock mechanics and true measure of permeability

Fracking model process 

  • Stage 1 Scoping (wire line data)
  • Stage 2 Velocity modeling (core measurements to relate vertical log data to core velocities at multiple angles)
  • Stage 3 Elastic modeling in lab (critical dynamic modulic corrections
  • Stage 4 Field calibration (tie stress model to observed minimum horizontal stress values)

DFIT procedure

  • Break down formation
  • Create a short fracture (small volume pumped without proppant)
  • Observe pressure falloff

Types of DFITS 

  • Conventional vertical well
  • Horizontal to DFIT before fracture

Section 1
Start injection à pressure up wellbore (compress fluid),
Section 2 
Still injection, drop in pressure (passing near wellbore stress concentration), propagating fracture
Section 3
Injection stopped (shut in period started), ISIP- instantaneous shut in pressure (reduction due to frictional pressure)
Section 4
still shut in, fluid continues to leak off and then the fracture closes
Section 5 &6
do stuff with graphs and draw conclusions from it

SPE 107877 – Holistic Fracture Diagnostics (helpful paper about this entire process)

3 major aspects

  • How long fracking takes
  • Conductivity
  • How close the clusters need to be

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