Senior Perspective – TWL Issue 2

Senior’s Perspective: How to Have a Great Year

Written By: Jennifer Wisler

Jennifer Wisler was a former SPE TAMU President and has now graduated.

You are a freshmen and you are nervous about your first round of college finals. You are a sophomore and you have to suffer through statics and dymanics. You are a junior and you are taking the feared petroleum fluids course. Or, you may be a new graduate student and you don’t know how to find your fit here at Texas A&M. Whatever your situation, there is one thing seniors know – it is impossible to make it through on your own.

Texas A&M – A land of opportunity

If you haven’t already figured it out, this is a really big university. A&M is the biggest university in Texas to be exact (WHOOP‼). This means you can either: A) get swallowed up and lost or B) find your niche and change the world! Okay, maybe that is a little extreme, but these things really could happen if you find yourself in the appropriate situation.

First things first – do not let yourself get lost. By lost, I mean both literally and figuratively. If you are literally lost, this can be solved by downloading the TAMU mobile app, which includes a handy map feature to help you find your way. You can also follow the crowds (hopefully they are going to the same place?), ask a stranger (proceed with caution), or take a friend with you (assuming directional challenges are more easily defeated in numbers).

If you are figuratively lost, you might feel like you need a purpose in a campus this big. You need to know you belong – and trust me, you do! I haven’t met a single person who didn’t find their happy place here on campus by the time they graduated. Remember that some people get involved really fast and some more slowly. There is no rush in a land with so many opportunities. Do what works best for you, as long as you do something! (SPE perhaps?)

Is it summer yet?

So you start the semester off great. You are early to class, you eat real vegetables, you workout. You even stay awake through the whole class and take great notes. And you will think “this isn’t so bad! I’m going to keep this up” until midterms roll in and demolish your most well-built regime. I think everyone has been there at some point. If not, I want to meet you and see if you are a real person.

You are going to have some hard times in your classes, especially now during finals. But that doesn’t mean it has to be all bad. What are some strategies for success?

Firstly, take care of yourself. Nothing dampens studying more than being sick or tired. If you can’t stay awake to do your homework, drink something caffeinated and take a 20 minute nap. You will wake up refreshed and energized! Wash your hands and take your meds – you don’t want to miss classes or labs because you are sick. If you do get sick, drink lots of water and sleep! Your extracurricular activities can wait. Health comes first.

Secondly, meet people in class. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve come to understand a concept just by talking it out with a classmate. This happens almost every day for me! Plus, you may meet a new friend ☺

Finally, have a distraction. I know this sounds like reverse logic – why would I want to put my time into extracurricular activities when I have 3 projects due Friday?? Because most engineers I know work better under pressure. By getting involved, you not only make friends and have fun, which can help release stress; you also give yourself a built-in time crunch. You become more productive when you know you only have 2 hours to do your chemistry homework, versus an entire afternoon.


You are living the dream. You are an Aggie, so live it up! Get rowdy with your friends at the basketball games, take a quiet jog around campus early in the morning, or be silly with your roommate. When you think about what you want to do before you graduate, what comes to mind? Start doing these things now. Maybe you always dreamed of the perfect spring break trip with your friends. Plan it and make it happen! The college experience goes by faster than you think. Just don’t forget to call home once and awhile.

SPE – Your source of a diverse experience

If you want to learn more about the opportunities to get involved with SPE, feel free to contact me. I hope you have a great time here in TAMU-SPE!


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