Interview Success Tips

How to Score Your Dream Job (Or a Summer Internship)

Every fall, Aggies look forward to Midnight Yell, new classes, an end to the long, hot Texas summer, and of course the football season! One thing Aggies, and engineers in particular, are generally not looking forward to is the interview season. Usually around September it becomes that time of the year again. The 4-6 week marathon of attending company informationals, career fairs, and interviews. But interview season does not have to be, nor should it be stressful. After all, it is designed to help us get experience and jobs in our respective job fields to be better prepared for the future.

In order to have a successful, stress free interview season, there are several steps Aggies can take before, during, and after the interviewing process that will help you land your dream job.


  • Make sure everything is in order on the website. You want to be sure you have applied to the proper position and attached all the required supplemental material such as a resume and cover letter
  • Check to see when and where companies will be having lunch and learns or other informationals where you can come see what exactly the company is about and introduce yourself to company representatives
  • Before your interview make sure you are prepared with several copies of your resume, have done your research on the company, and have several questions you can ask the company if needed


Assume that the interview will be formal unless the company has stated otherwise

  • General Attire:
    • Minimal jewelry including rings and watches
    • Cover tattoos and remove body piercings
    • Professional portfolio instead of a backpack
  • Men’s Attire:
    • Dark 2 piece suit with a solid long sleeve shirt with dark tie
    • Matching belt and shoes
    • Minimal cologne
  • Women’s Attire:
    • Solid, dark pant suit, skirted suit, or dress and blazer
    • Conservative light colored blouse
    • Low closed toe heel
    • Minimal makeup and perfume


  • Arrive early to make a good impression
  • RELAX…You will perform your best when you aren’t too anxious
  • The first 5 minutes are critical so smile, introduce yourself, and show enthusiasm
  • If you have already been extended an offer and are facing a deadline, be sure to let the company know
  • Sit comfortably to appear attentive and not overly relaxed
  • Take the lead from the interviewer
  • Listen carefully to the questions being asked and make sure you are answering them directly without rambling
  • Know your key selling points….what makes you stand out from other candidates
  • Avoid discussing salary, vacation, or benefits unless initiated by the interviewer
  • Prepare some questions to ask so you can make sure to appear engaged
  • Thank the interviewer for their time at the end


  • Make sure to follow up with a thank you email letting the company know you are grateful for their time and are looking forward to hearing back from them


  • – List of openings and positions you can easily apply for
  • – Interviewing tips and resume templates
  • Mock interviews through the career center to gain extra practice
  • Career fairs: Both the TAMU-SPE Career Enhancement Event and the Texas A&M Engineering Career Fair are a great place to meet industry personnel and network before your interview
  • While interviewing can be overwhelming at first, remember to take a deep breath and relax. Remember that the interviewers had to go through the same process as you at one time or another. Interviewing is a lot like speed dating: you only have a very short time period to let a company get to know you and decide if they want to pursue a further relationship, so make sure to but your best foot forward and you will be sure to go a long way.


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