To Raj, upon his graduation

//To Raj, upon his graduation

To Raj, upon his graduation

Congratulations and good luck Raj!

Written by Sriniketh Sukumar

On behalf of all of TAMU-SPE, The Well Log would like to thank Raj Gautham Viswaprabarakan for everything he has contributed and all the excellent initiatives he took over the course of his time at Texas A&M that has been invaluable to both the Well Log, as well as our TAMU-SPE as a whole. Raj graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Geology this December. For the benefit of those who don’t know him, Raj was one of the most prolific members TAMU-SPE has ever seen. Some of his most notable accomplishments include being part of the team that pioneered The Well Log in his freshman year, as well as being an active and contributing member of up to four committees simultaneously. Over time, Raj’s enthusiasm and commitment allowed him to build an extensive track record in SPE leadership, including multiple years as the director of the well log, as well as the overall board chair of media. But perhaps the one thing everyone will remember Raj for was his ambition of becoming an SPE officer in his freshman year, even going as far as winning the election itself, an unprecedented accomplishment, especially for a non-petroleum engineer to pull off.

To me personally, Raj has been an exceptional mentor during my time at Texas A&M in terms of suggestions on managing and improving The Well Log. He also took a great interest in speaking to and motivating our new members to perform their best, always wanting to hone our skills to the next level. Without Raj’s perseverance, The Well Log would certainly not be where it is today. Even during the terms where only one or two members remained, Raj stayed strong and ensured the initiative that him and his seniors started came to fruition. It is my pleasure to carry on such a legacy, and I hope TAMU-SPE gains as much from the Well Log as Raj and his seniors hoped for.

Raj’s zeal and passion right from his very first days all the way up to his graduation carries a powerful message to us all. At a huge university like Texas A&M, we are all offered a huge variety of opportunities. Find an organization you are passionate about and commit to it wholeheartedly. Even more than that, Raj’s story tells us that the only thing limiting our progress and successes here are own thinking and work ethic. Once again, I am grateful to have had an excellent mentor like Raj, and, on behalf of everyone who has worked with him at TAMU-SPE, we congratulate you on your graduation, and wish you every success in your career.

I don’t want to ramble, so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

Keep in touch Buddy, we’re all going to miss you!


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