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The member of the month award is presented to TAMU-SPE student members who have shown significant activity and contribution to their committees or to the organization overall. In addition to being featured here, the member of the month will be announced at the first general meeting of every month, and names will be recorded on the SPE member of the month plaque (displayed in RICH 318 Computer Lab). Plus, you can click on their names (below their image) to view their LinkedIn Profiles!

You can nominate a member for next month’s award here.

[April 2019]  Luis Ortega

Committee: Technical Development

Luis has been part of the Technical Development committee this academic year. He has shown great interest in not only having our events run smoothly but helping us order and pick up food orders, cleaning up before and after events, but has also been active in suggesting presenters for R&D talks.

[March 2019] Collin-Sims Davenport

Committee: N/A (General Member)

Collin cooked 300 lbs of crawfish at our annual crawfish boil. It was delicious and saved us a lot of money. He was great at communicating and very cooperative. This was a huge task that he took on and he made the event a success.

[February 2019] Oscar Villa

Committee: Media; The Well Log

Oscar is consistent with posts, as well as being the most active member in the Media (and The Well Log) committee. We appreciate his willingness to aid in advertising, as well as creative insight. His sense of accountability and “can-do” attitude is an asset to both committees. It has been great working with him, and we know he’ll continue to be a great leader within SPE.

[January 2019] Matt Reddy

Committee: Hospitality and Tailgate

Matthew has catered not only his events such as every tailgate, lunch and learn, and general meeting, but also done other events such as the executive series. He has dedicated much of his time to TAMU SPE and not missed a single event with even getting up at extreme early hours of the day to set up a tailgate. He is extremely accountable and always prepared. TAMU SPE would not run without him and the officer team is grateful for all is hardwork and dedication.

[November 2018] Keaton Upshaw

Committee: Philantrophy

Keaton Upshaw is an exemplary member of the Philanthropy Committee. Since the beginning of the semester, Keaton has been very enthusiastic about the committee and has made himself available for every engagement. He goes out of his way to give back to the community during events such as SPE Adopt-A-Street, Aggie BUILD, Aggie Replant, and the list goes on. We can always count on Keaton to act selflessly when called upon to serve.

[September 2018] Claire DeCuir

Committee: Recruitment

Claire Decuir went above and beyond the call of duty this summer and during the first month of the school year with regards to her participation and contribution to SPE. She gave numerous tours throughout the summer, talked with high school seniors and their families, and paved the way for the the next crop of Aggie Petroleum Engineers. Claire’s efforts as a member of this year’s recruitment committee showcase the Aggie core value of selfless service.

[October 2018] Taylor Shaunfield

Committee: Outreach

Taylor Shaunfield is very active in the Outreach Committee. Recently, she represented TAMU SPE with the rest of the Outreach Committee at Energy Day in Houston, Texas. At Energy Day, Taylor did a great job of sharing her passion for petroleum engineering with students of all ages, educating them about the importance of engineering and the role that petroleum engineers play in society.

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