Texas A&M SPE’s Career Enhancement Event – TWL Issue 1

A Look Into Texas A&M SPE’s Career Enhancement Event

By: Daniel Forero

Enthusiastic recruiters, polished resumes, and nervous minds – each and every year college students prepare themselves to enter the work force and become the relay generation for our industry. Looking for an internship or a full time job can be a daunting task, which is why the SPE Student Chapter at Texas A&M University (SPE-TAMU) organizes the annual Career Enhancement Event (CEE).

This year’s CEE was held on September 6th, 2014 at the Memorial Student Center (Texas A&M’s campus), and hosted recruiters from 28 oil and gas companies as well as over 600 SPE student members from petroleum engineering and related disciplines.

The event provides students with the opportunity to become familiar with the oil and gas industry, allowing them to also develop their own personal career goals. “It really is a great place to talk to new talent,” said one recruiter from Chevron, “[…] there’s always an impressive turn out at this event which really speaks to how committed these students are to establishing their careers.”

The CEE garnered much interest among students on campus. SPE statistics show student membership increased from 999 to 1379 members in a period of two weeks prior to the event. With 579 students in attendance, it was promising to see that nearly half of Texas A&M SPE’s members participated in the event. This likely made the CEE the most attended single event ever held by SPE-TAMU.

It all started at 7:30 AM when students were allowed to check-in and recruiters were able to set up their booths. It sounds like an early start but there was breakfast and coffee on hand to help with those Saturday morning woes. Roughly at around 8:00 AM each company began to give a sharp 5-minute presentation to give the students a quick taste of the professional opportunities they offer. Companies ranged from large-scale integrated corporations like BP, service companies, and independent companies such as Vanguard Natural Resources. An enthusiastic Apache recruiter claimed the session to be “an excellent opportunity to present our company.”

Following the presentations, there was a brief lunch session, which gave the recruiters and student’s time for a quick break before the floor was open for networking. Companies were located in multiple rooms, which made it easy for students to pinpoint exactly who they wanted to talk to in hopes of earning that precious interview spot. The new venue at the MSC made it so there was a lot more room for recruiters and students alike. This allowed for the record number of attendees this year.

“Our company doesn’t even attend the SEC Career Fair”, a recruiter from Hilcorp stated, “[The Career Enhancement Event] really helps us distinguish whom we want to interview for our open positions.” A lot of the companies in attendance have been coming to the CEE for the past couple of years. “Our engineers only attend this event, it’s a win-win situation for both us as recruiters and you guys as students”. Many recruiters mentioned that they were recruited themselves by their respective companies from the CEE and declared “Aggies are the best prepared hires” and are “top notch”. These aggie recruiters were of course by no means biased.

Many thanks to our corporate sponsors for making the CEE a resounding success. With 98 recruiters and totaling at about 677 attendees, it’s hard to believe that we can top it next year, but we will certainly do our very best in 2015.

For more information about this and other SPE-TAMU events visit our website: spe.tamu.edu


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