Energy Industry Articles – Week of Nov. 8, 2020

//Energy Industry Articles – Week of Nov. 8, 2020

Energy Industry Articles – Week of Nov. 8, 2020

Texas A&M at ATCE 2020

Check out the following list of manuscripts that our colleagues presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition on October 27-29, 2020.


[SPE 201604] – Completion Effects On Diagnosing Multistage Fracture Treatments With Distributed Temperature Sensing (S. Sakaida, D. Zhu, A.D. Hill)

[SPE 201347] – Leveraging Fractured Well Performance With Economics Modeling To Increase Expected Value: A Tool For Strategic Decisions (O.A. Garza, Noble Energy Inc.; P.G. McLeroy)

[SPE 201554] – Generalizable Data-driven Techniques for Microstructural Analysis of Shales (E. Ganguly, S. Misra, W. Yoakun)

[SPE 201572] – Machine Learning-based Intelligent Downhole Drilling Optimization System Using An Electromagnetic Short-hop Bit Dynamic Measurements (E.Z. Losoya, N. Vishnumolakala, E. Gildin, S.F. Noynaert, Z.M. Cetina, Texas A&M University; J.A. Gabelmann, D.A. Glowka, R.A. Houston, E-Spectrum Technologies Inc)

[SPE 201330] – Fruit Extracts As Natural, Green, Non-toxic Corrosion Inhibitors (J.C. Ng, T.A. Almubarak, H.A. Nasr-El-Din)

[SPE 201704] – A Modified Acid System To Enhance Carbonate Matrix Acid Stimulation – An Experimental Study (D. Zhu, J.A. Uribe Chacon, D. Sohn, A.D. Hill, Texas A&M University; A. Ugursal, C.E. Shuchart, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Co.; C. Purdy, M. Weissenberger, Fluid Energy Group Ltd.)

[SPE 201448] – Difference-value Plotting Function For Pressure Transient Analysis In Low-Permeability Reservoirs (L. Luo, China University of Petroleum, Beijing; Texas A&M University; J. Lee, T. Blasingame, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201583] – Analysis Of Reasons For Differences In Proved Reserves Estimates With PRMS And SEC Regulations (E.C. Morales, ISVA Oil & Gas Consultancy; W. Lee, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201449] – The Impact Of Practical Experiences On The Development Of Petroleum Engineering Education (A. Retnanto, N.M. Alyafei, M. Fadlelmula, A. Sheharyar, Texas A&M University at Qatar)

[SPE 201538] – Evaluating Perforation Erosion and its Effect on Limited Entry by Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) Monitoring (J. Pakhotina, D. Zhu, A.D. Hill, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201767] – A New Diagnostic Model To Identify The Asymmetric Fracture Geometry With Well Interference Using A Boundary Element Method: A Case Study (Z. Chen, University of Petroleum China at Beijing; H. Chu, China University of Petroleum at Beijing;Texas A&M University; X. Liao, University of Petroleum China at Beijing; K. Sepehrnoori, The University of Texas At Austin)

[SPE 201458] – Lattice Boltzmann Simulation Of Phase Behavior Of Hydrocarbons In Nanopores: Role Of Capillary Pressure And Fluid-solid Interaction (J. Huang, Texas A&M University; X. Yin, Colorado School of Mines; M.A. Barrufet, J.E. Killough, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201314] – Evolution Of Three-Dimensional Fluid Phase Connectivity During Injection (E. Ganguly, S. Misra, Y. Wu, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201404] – Optimization Methods For Time-Rate-Pressure Production Data Analysis Using Automatic Outlier Filtering And Bayesian Derivative Calculations (D.S. Fulford, T.A. Blasingame, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201658] – Mechanistic Model Validation Of Decline Curve Analysis For Unconventional Reservoirs (M. Gorditsa, E. Bryan, G.J. Moridis, T.A. Blasingame, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201771] – Computing Pressure Front Propagation Using The Diffusive Time Of Flight In Structured And Unstructured Grid Systems Via The Fast Marching Method (H. Chen, T. Onishi, J. Park, A. Datta-gupta, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201727] – Improved Distance Based Upgridding And Diffuse Source Upscaling For High Resolution Geologic Models (I. Syed, C. Liu, Texas A&M University; M.G. Kelkar, University of Tulsa; M.J. King, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201325] – Data-Driven Rate Optimization Under Geologic Uncertainty (D. Sen, H. Chen, A. Datta-Gupta, J. Kwon, Texas A&M University; S. Mishra, Battelle)

[SPE 201371] – Sensitivity Of Dielectric Properties To Varying Reservoir Properties (M.K. Morte, H.M. Alhafidh, B. Hascakir, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201513] – Role Of Intermolecular Forces On Surfactant-steam Performance Into Heavy Oil Reservoirs (L. Seng, Texas A&M University and University Technology PETRONAS; B. Hascakir, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201451] – Approximation Of Rock Fracture Toughness Using Scratch Test And Phase-field Modeling Approach (D. Martogi, A. Vaibhav, A. Noshadravan, S. Abedi, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201414] – Transient Volume Of Investigation: Definition, Theory, And Applications (J.P. Spivey, Phoenix Reservoir Engineering; W.J. Lee, H. Sheikh, Texas A&M University)

[SPE 201277] – Identification Of Fractures And Preferential Flow Paths Using Streamlines And Dynamic Data In Dual Porosity Dual Permeability Reservoir Models (H. Chen, C. Yao, A. Datta-Gupta, Texas A&M University; A.A. Alturki, M. Baddourah, Saudi Aramco PE&D)


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