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Energy Industry Articles – Week of Nov. 8, 2020

November 8th, 2020|Categories: Uncategorized|

Texas A&M at ATCE 2020 Check out the following list of manuscripts that our colleagues presented at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition on October 27-29, 2020.   [SPE 201604] - Completion Effects On Diagnosing Multistage Fracture Treatments With Distributed Temperature Sensing (S. Sakaida, D. Zhu, A.D. Hill) [SPE 201347] - Leveraging Fractured Well Performance With Economics Modeling To Increase Expected Value: A Tool For Strategic Decisions (O.A. Garza, Noble Energy Inc.; P.G. McLeroy) [SPE 201554] - Generalizable Data-driven Techniques for Microstructural Analysis of Shales (E. Ganguly, S. Misra, W. Yoakun) [SPE 201572] - Machine Learning-based Intelligent Downhole Drilling [...]

Energy Industry Articles – Week of Oct. 25, 2020

October 25th, 2020|Categories: News, Professional Development|

Energy Industry Articles This Week Written and Edited by Debora Martogi Howdy! Check out the list of articles this week below. Many thanks to Eliza Ganguly (Master’s Student), Serhii Kryvenko (PhD Student), and Dr. Berna Hascakir (Associate Professor). If you would like to share and be featured in the next upcoming weeks, feel free to share them through the following form. 10 Steps in Pandas to Process LAS File and Plot (part1) - [link] R. A. Mardani (March 30, 2020) The following article provides some tips and tricks to prepare well log data formatted in Log ASCII Standard (LAS) to be [...]

Python Series – Well Test Analysis

October 24th, 2020|Categories: Professional Development, Technical|

Solutions for Well-Test-Analysis: Part 1 — Introductory Considerations Written by Anthony Jimenez1and Debora Martogi2, Edited by Debora Martogi Introduction As many would agree, the diffusivity equation is one of the most important equations for a reservoir engineer. This equation is derived from the following three principles: Conservation of mass (i.e., mass balance) Fundamental flow equation (i.e., "Darcy's Law") Equation of state (i.e., fluid compressibility relations) For a complete, comprehensive review of the aforementioned fundamental principles, readers are encouraged to review the Back to the Basics: The Liquid Diffusivity Equation article by Jimenez (link). To gain information regarding petroleum reservoirs (i.e., [...]

Energy Industry Articles – Week of Oct. 18, 2020

October 18th, 2020|Categories: News, Professional Development|

Energy Industry Articles This Week Written and Edited by Debora Martogi Howdy! The TAMU-SPE and the Well Log committee are initiating the "Energy Industry Articles This Week", which covers the articles read by students and faculty recently. If you would like to share and be featured, please feel free to share them through the following form. The following are articles shared by Obi Edmond (Master's student) and Dr. Siddharth Misra (Associate Profesor) this week.  Many thanks to Obi and Dr. Misra for sharing. Have a great week and stay well, all! Fracture Closure Stress: Reexamining Field and Laboratory Experiments of [...]

Python Series – Basic plotting and curve fitting

October 4th, 2020|Categories: Technical|Tags: |

Basic Gas MBE with Python Written and Edited by Debora Martogi One of the main approaches in estimating reserves as we produce hydrocarbons is to use the Material Balance Equation. The material balance equation (MBE) is simply a method to track the volumetric balance into, out, and stored (select cases) in the reservoir. The general MBE relates the initial pressure/ volume of hydrocarbons in the reservoir to total production volumes and current pressure conditions. There are several types of MBE depending on the types of fluid(s) in the reservoir (i.e., dry gas, wet gas, gas condensate, volatile oil, black oil) [...]

Python Series – Introduction

September 27th, 2020|Categories: Technical|

Python Introduction Written and Edited by Debora Martogi In today's digital transformation age, aka the "Industry 4.0", Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are encouraged to adapt and learn new tools to help them analyze big data. And when we talk about big data, the first things that came into mind are usually Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Though these tools can help us provide some correlation or predictions out of the data we provided, SMEs should still take caution in applying these tools. Without intelligent sound judgment, improper implementation of AI could lead to uneconomical decisions. This is why [...]

Career Fair/ Job & Internship Preparation Tips – RESEARCHING COMPANIES

July 26th, 2020|Categories: Professional Development|

RESEARCHING COMPANIES Written and Edited by Debora Martogi Two years ago, I walked up to one of the oil major companies’ booths at the career fair. I greeted one of the check-in recruiters, who then asked me to fill out my information on the tablet. As I was filling out my information, I chatted with the recruiter, and they asked me a question about why I was interested in the company. I then provided a general answer about what petroleum companies do without specifying specifics of what the company does. The company specializes in chemicals, and the recruiter noticed that [...]

Career Fair/ Job & Internship Preparation Tips – RESUME

July 12th, 2020|Categories: Professional Development|

CAREER FAIR Writen and Edited by Debora Martogi With fall approaching, the two long-awaited recruitment events, the Student Engineering Council (SEC) Career Fair and the TAMU-SPE Career Enhancement Event (CEE) have now gone virtual following the university guidelines. The SEC Fall Career Fair (scheduled for September 1-3, 2020) is a premier program of the SEC, which provides the opportunity for students/ former students to network with 500+ companies, learn more about the companies and culture, and any internship/job opportunities available. This year SEC Career Fair will be hosted virtually on Symplicity and features: one-on-one Video Chat with recruiters, Resume/ Document [...]

[April 1-13, 2020] ON THE NEWS

April 14th, 2020|Categories: News, Technical|

[April 1-13, 2020] Recommended Articles Written and Edited by Debora Martogi Howdy! Following are brief list of articles from beginning of April. All Texas A&M University students should have access to this articles. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I hope these are helpful. Stay safe and healthy, all! Companies and World Response to COVID-19 and Oil Price War: >> MUST READ: Oil and Gas in the Perfect Storm source: https://pubs.spe.org/en/ogf/ogf-article-detail/?art=6821 Keywords: Russia- Saudi Oil Price War, OPEC oil production cut, over saturated market, recession vs. reconciliation vs. rebound >>Reevaluation of [...]

An Interview with Mr. James Ruiz

April 14th, 2019|Categories: Interviews, Professional Development|

All pictures rights reserved to Q Engineering Struggles, Achievements, and Advice from Co-Founder of Q Engineering Written by, Roberto Paredes Edited by, Sriniketh Sukumar Somewhere deep in Mr. Ruiz’s garage lays a box full of memories and experiences from which he learned that “Failure is a pre-requisite for success, if you do not learn how to process, deal and recover from it you will have a hard time succeeding." But most importantly, in that box there is also salvage parts from a helicopter that he built and crash into the ground. James Ruiz ‘07 is a former [...]

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